Monday, September 6, 2010

FrontierVille Game

Hardly a day out facebook get a new game. I am writing to log in again with the classic venture. Farmville know that he is no longer. Many people left the game. Zynga'da took advantage of a new game. FrontierVille our game. Logic of farming again. But this time everything is more advanced in a way that we come across. I did not really realistic, but be good. Kept in the game this time because he had put our energy limit. Unfortunately you can work up the energy. Realistic, although that's bad. I started the game.

The difference between Farmville, innovation.
  • We can cut wood and wood houses, depending on the level we are doing the level.
  • Where we can gather herbs.
  • Out of the trash can from under the ground snakes.
  • We can do our work according to energy levels. We are at a certain level of energy storage in a particular minute.
  • We need not only deal with crops, many alternatives exist.
  • Moreover, our friends, our neighbors to visit, invited by money and energy we can win.
  • Bear out when we can not, can deploy our field. Beware of

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