Thursday, September 16, 2010

Farmville Tools

The Facebook application is very popular in recent days Farmville. Timing was addictive. A constant work in progress and how much you have friends to socialize because if it becomes enjoyable. Considering some of the game titles I've prepared a guide from entry level.

Multi Tools
This tool allows you to work interactively in the game. As your cursor in a sense. Zoom in, pull to the left to right, etc. being used in such business.

Before planting new land to plow your needs. According to him, do not know the limits of your money grubber. 15 points are taken every plow.

Benefits of the field you want to delete. If on the crop while the crop is lost. Apart from that you can use to give shape to the field.

Added to each crop is ripening period. You need to harvest at the end of this period. If you do not make money if the product, and corruption.

In the game you are given certain tasks. Present a variety of tasks. As the ribbon would make them win. There are currently 15 different missions, and all of them are four color ribbon. To collect different kinds of animals to grow up trees mevyesi the ribbon you can save a lot of things. In fact a result of ribbons. If so how far do you have.

Basics of the game you win is based on gold and money to get something with. But what you get from the market at the beginning of the game are very limited. As the option to skip the opening level. This is one of the fascinating aspects of the game! Scheduled to open them. 7 present a variety of materials: seeds, trees, animals, buildings, furnishings, vehicles and farm growth. As the game progresses you can get them.

This concept is also very important. Facebook adding in your friends as neighbors, and even help them or you can visit the farm.

One of the most important feature of the game every day presents a number of ways neighbors. Could not buy some things you can only send a gift. An important feature for socialization.

Facebook main page will need to follow the news. Some animals are lost, and sometimes you can get them on your farm. Usually the black sheep, the ugly duck is like the animals they are.

Each crop harvest, provided the cows, harvesting each tree, and many more activities like this will save you money and you can buy it with money from the market.

XP (experience)
As far as I know are currently 37 sections. Cross section of the requirements to earn the XP. +1 XP every plow, seeds sown as explained written + Xp saves. Also purchase other decorations, etc.. adds things like the + Xp. Because it is very important to level the main goal in fact.

Share the Wealth
You skip any level you have earned every ribbon allows you to share it with your friends on and off as news on home news. Your friend can also earn money by clicking on it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what is Farmville? How to Play?

     About Farmville
Farmville, San Francisco-based Zynga, developed by the company and a farm-themed Facebook can play a video game simulation mode. Various agricultural products to users in a virtual game farms and planting trees, mowing with the possibility of growth and cultivation of various farm animals are allowed. In June of 2009, started to play the game with nearly 50 million members and Facebook has become the most popular games.

At the beginning of the game, the player has a field of six squares, and a portion of them are ripe eggplant, strawberries are also a part. After gathering these products under the player wins, and added back to the field and riding here is like bread should be added to the plant's seeds. According to its own price, and each seed has won the gold. Another way to earn gold is to buy the animal. Players on the other hand, the gains in farm bill named Cash. Player, won the gold and notes home from the supermarket section, animal, or may take various decoration materials. The need to expand the land is adjacent. Neighbors go to the field to help them win the gold and experience available.

In the game, users can shop for farm has a small market. Some products are used in the gold market and earn experience. Additionally, users can extend the land here. Some products may be taken only with banknotes.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to make chicken Rancing what gives the task?

Chicken served to Frontierville Rancing need to buy 35 chickens from the market and decoration section 8 of the barbed fence purchase is required. When you do this task, you gain 100 xp and 50 food.

barbed fence

How to make a tender chicken task what gives?

Tender chicken to do the tasks you need to feed after the first 150 chicken chicken chicken collection, which have to collect five of them. While chicken chicken harvest comes, finally found the collection of corn from the corn pie have to collect five pieces of corn harvest, while corn böreğide comes the same .. After completing this transaction, our mission is finished would earn 200 xp and 75 meal.

You can gain more xp by completing tasks

While playing on the left side of the screen constantly follow the icons there, as shown in the picture below is a set of tasks. The number of tasks completed against that more and more XP to gain level quickly you can jump. Jump on your energy level when you continue on your way to full fill.

mole snakes and bears do not spend much energy

While playing through the trees one can go a month or more when you reap your field to get a mole on your face when you want to remove veyahutta stony grass comes from under the snake. These animals to chase other materials according to a lot of loot is, but these animals came out especially to be careful who you see in the picture is afforded to the animals in the domain that red flagged areas jobs, kill animals without trying to make you an extra +1 energy is more going normally an energy you need to go while the two energies do not spend. predecessor settled after the other animals will get eliminated. come easy.

What good is how to make fancy dress?

Frontierville 22 Step 5 In the fifth mission of the marriage task: to propose marriage to the pop act when we needed you how to do fancy dress? We had four pieces of shirts and collect them while collecting four pieces of ribbon and ribbon how to make the shirt explains how he had collected 19 of them do not know how to do You can look at the course. To make a fancy dress need two shirts and two kurdaleye. If we present them as in the picture below click on the General Store and go inside to call. After our face to the menu, as shown in the picture below, and we need to push the create button to create the fancy clothes.

How to make a bouquet, what does it do?

It is the task of marriage proposals. In this role you will prepare your fancy dress and your bouquet of flowers. How well prepared bouquet of flowers? The blossoming of the weeds in your garden clean while you get the ball collection materials. bag collections then click the plus sign opens the section you see in the picture below will open there.

IN Trade your bouquet is clicked here, and thus can be created. If you see pictures above are missing from the flowers in your garden if you go and you have to weed flowers. You click the bag and bouquet of flowers you'll see your INVETORY section.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Where Plank how to use it?

Plank will be used to perform tasks that we can use materials in the future the board will want us to make some materials, for example to make a baby cradle. Well we will find wood. the first covered wagons like you see in the picture below to go inside and call the resulting menu, 7 wood, 250 gold, a board can do. we need to do to create a single print prima, so if you want here you can create.

How to make a sawhorse what does it do?

sawhorse to make a priority as you can see in the picture below click on Barn building. If there are 5 wooden tools we create and the two of them saw one horse can create press. We are used to make the cradle horseyi ribonla saw.

How to make a cradle is used for?

Barn buildings are to click on the cradle. 2 sawhorse, 5 ribbon with a grain cradle building. If we create from these materials available to create the press and our cradle. tasks are in the baby's cradle.

Ribbon u can send your friends as presents and gifts into our group link to your facebook group wall a gift to create and send a link to the ribbon of the members of the group may want

How to make saltpeter, is used where?

Do I need to make fireworks for the saltpetre trade of manure and click when completed collectionu create one. Let us explain where the materials were found; 
  • Puddler Poultry, geese and chickens while feeding off of.
  • Piggy Poop, while feeding the pigs out
  • Brownie brush, goat and sheep while feeding off
  • Pile Prairie, is one the most difficult moment while feeding horses and donkeys, horses and donkeys were removed from the general growing interest in the adult in you or your neighbors can be obtained by feeding the horse and donkey, or you can ask your friends
  • Meadow Muffin, while out feeding cows and oxen

FrontierVille How to make fireworks?

To make a show of fireworks, first we need to go to the cabinet. If you have a fire just create one saltpeter and 5, press 5 to make fireworks.

Fire is fire you can send your friends as well as the materials collected from harvested wood oak tree if you have completed the collection of Trade said the fire can get three pieces.

FrontierVille Game

Hardly a day out facebook get a new game. I am writing to log in again with the classic venture. Farmville know that he is no longer. Many people left the game. Zynga'da took advantage of a new game. FrontierVille our game. Logic of farming again. But this time everything is more advanced in a way that we come across. I did not really realistic, but be good. Kept in the game this time because he had put our energy limit. Unfortunately you can work up the energy. Realistic, although that's bad. I started the game.

The difference between Farmville, innovation.
  • We can cut wood and wood houses, depending on the level we are doing the level.
  • Where we can gather herbs.
  • Out of the trash can from under the ground snakes.
  • We can do our work according to energy levels. We are at a certain level of energy storage in a particular minute.
  • We need not only deal with crops, many alternatives exist.
  • Moreover, our friends, our neighbors to visit, invited by money and energy we can win.
  • Bear out when we can not, can deploy our field. Beware of

Welcome to the facebook game club

This blog contains information about the facebook game tuned, we'll meet again goodbye ...

Zynga games are occupied facebook, but very enjoyable game, I'm having fun playing :o)