Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what is Farmville? How to Play?

     About Farmville
Farmville, San Francisco-based Zynga, developed by the company and a farm-themed Facebook can play a video game simulation mode. Various agricultural products to users in a virtual game farms and planting trees, mowing with the possibility of growth and cultivation of various farm animals are allowed. In June of 2009, started to play the game with nearly 50 million members and Facebook has become the most popular games.

At the beginning of the game, the player has a field of six squares, and a portion of them are ripe eggplant, strawberries are also a part. After gathering these products under the player wins, and added back to the field and riding here is like bread should be added to the plant's seeds. According to its own price, and each seed has won the gold. Another way to earn gold is to buy the animal. Players on the other hand, the gains in farm bill named Cash. Player, won the gold and notes home from the supermarket section, animal, or may take various decoration materials. The need to expand the land is adjacent. Neighbors go to the field to help them win the gold and experience available.

In the game, users can shop for farm has a small market. Some products are used in the gold market and earn experience. Additionally, users can extend the land here. Some products may be taken only with banknotes.

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